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Remember Joe and Mack?

Well I've got something very similar. Introducing "Caveman"!

Your sweetheart has just been captured by some horny T-Rex! You must go though many archaic platforms(stick and stone in hand) and overthrow many foes(with mud in their eyes). Be wary! There are dragons out there just waiting to have a neanderthal sandwich for lunch. No caveman I know would want to get eaten in one lump sum. But the things you do for love makes this adventure worthwhile. Boldly going where no caveman has gone before.

Caveman Review

The soundtrack is very inspirational for a free online game(especially the intro). The plot is somewhat similar to Joe and Mac. A pretty girl get's kidnapped by dinosaurs and Mr. Dudley Do Right here must go and save her.

The graphics are just fascinating for something out of a free flash game! The sound effects toward the beginning just draws you in. I give Miniclip a big thumbs up on this one.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Caveman!


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