Mario's Adventure Duo

Here is Mario's Adventure 2! The #FlashGame version of the #NintendoDS version!
 Another letter has just arrived by his doorstep. Sealed with Princess Peach's signature. Hastily, Mario opens the royal envelope and is informed of her kidnap. Once again Bowser's having a field day. So off he goes at once to rescue his little sweetheart.

 Though they could care less for a plumber in fair weather, it is now that the Mushroom Kingdom needs him most. For the umpteenth time the queen offers her daughter in marriage. But he knows as well as I do that she'll change her mind once Peach is safe and sound.

Review Of Mario's Adventure 1 and 2

 Though not the best in renditioning Super Mario Brothers Deluxe, but certainly a fun platformer with great sound tracking and effects. Though I wish jumping was a little more simpler and the platforms were a little longer. Otherwise, I find this 16-bit remake to my liking.

Ratings: 3.6 Stars!

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Now part two has a more Nintendo DS touch to it. A great leap of achievement(compared to part one). Though they should work on their jumping as it's super difficult to land on those blocks in mid-air. But other then that, Darkness and Light(the producers) did a fabulous job on this one.

Ratings: 4.9 Stars!

Mario's Adventure 2!


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