Play a little #TicTacToe! Today you must get into the business of matching balls in 60 seconds. Just let me give you a word of advice. This ain't for the color-blind.

 Look for color-coded pairs of three or more balls. Then use that mouse to make 'em disappear and inflate your score. A turbo-charged ball will give you double the points. Like Tetris, you do not want to wind up piling these balls upon high.

Topsy Turvy Review

 This flash game has really got a tune going with their music! The graphics are fairly flattering too. The gameplay is a lot of fun. However, it can wear you down after awhile. So I'd mostly recommend this as a coffee-break routine.

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

 Sorry to say but the original Topsy Turvy by Games Galore was hacked by Malware. But to make it up to you. Here is a Tic Tac Toe Game to fart around with!

Play Tic Tac Toe!


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