Banjo Series

Here are just some of the racers sampled on #DiddyKongRacing!

Diddy-Kong Racing

 The year was 1997 when a brown bear sir named Banjo made his debut for a racing adventure. Centered around Donkey-Kong's son-Diddy-Kong.



This is #BanjoKazooie for the #Nintendo64! #Nintendo
 This is the only one I have. I love how each level has it's own season and micro-climate. Well anyways, Banjo & Kazooie the parrot joint-venture on epic proportions to save his sister Tooty. There are nine worlds that you must venture though before reaching the top to fight that ugly hag of a witch Gruntilda. This is when Banjo's fame shot through the roof!

  Up to three worlds are left out and are currently sitting in limbo at the Rare Witch Project. But there is one to be finished and only accessible through Stop n' Swap(don't ask which one)."Fungus Forest", "Hammerhead Beach", and "Mount Fire Eyes" are the outtakes. These worlds are believed to be further inspiration for "Banjo Tooie".


Here is the sequel to #BanjoKazooie #BanjoTooie! #Nintendo64 #N64
  After many years trapped within a boulder Banjo installed to imprison the wicked witch, her evil sisters come to the rescue. She has tree sisters in all. Two meanies and one nice one(Bruntilda).

  Banjo and Kazooie must once again fight against this witch to the last breath. This time in a new lair on a barrier island.

Grunty's Revenge

The witch sisters build a robot and call upon the departed spirit of Gruntilda to inhabit the vessel and take revenge on the bear and bird! #GruntysRevenge #Banjo #NintendoGameBoy
 Call this Banjo Kazooie 1 1/2. Before they thought about rescuing her, the sisters developed a robot and Called upon her spirit to inhabit this machine.

 She travels back in time-long ago. When the bear & bird first met to try and kidnap Kazooie. so Banjo would fail his fist mission. Thereby keeping her this fate she's now in.

 Now, Mumbo warns banjo and his friends(who are still partying over their initial victory). They send the bear and bird back in time in an effort to stop this machine and return her soul back to her miserable body.

Banjo Pilot

Come race with #Banjo on a plan in #BanjoPiolet! #GameBoyAdvance
 This adventure has nothing to do with the series. But is very similar to Diddy Kong Racing(Probably a loose sequel). I never played it but I'm sure it's pretty good.

Banjo Kazooie 3: Nuts and Bolts(Xbox 360)

Here is the long awaited #BanjoKazooie 3 by #Microsoft! #Banjo
 Due November 12th, 2008. In my opinion, this one really destroys up the series(kinda like what Home Alone 3 did). As it completely changes the games original feel. But without further ado Click Here to get more information on the game.


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