Zelda Series

Here are many of the #Zelda games that came out since it's debut! #Nintendo #LegendOfZelda
  In 1986 to rival Super Mario Brothers, an adventure-packed thrill-seeking game called The Legend of Zelda was lynched for the Nintendo Entertainment System(NES). Designed by Shigeru Miyamoto. A Japanese entrepreneur behind Nintendo.

  Zelda is based upon his childhood years. Of wondering through forests and caves. Mesmerized by those creek-side singers. Humming to the tune of a different orchestra.

The Legend of Zelda

A snapshot of the #LegendofZelda from #NES! #VideoGames
 Here's where it all began. When Link was made of 8-bits and Ganondorf was just a dragon. My, those were the days...Sigh. Come check it out online Here!

The Adventure of Link

Here is the sequel to the first #NES #Zelda game from #Nintendo! #VideoGames
 Very different from The Legend. There is an under world and over world to it. Only viewed it once over a friends house.

Legend of Zelda-A Link to the Past

Here is #Link's debut in saving #Zelda from #Ganon on #SuperNintendo! #SNES
 This is Zelda's debut on Super Nintendo. I've never played this to be honest. Here is a Flash Version!

The Legend of Zelda-Link's Awakening

Here Link's #CircadianRhythm goes through a crisis as night and day are just moments apart! #Gameboy #Zelda #VideoGames
 Now this is where Link's Circadian Rhythm gets screwed up. Day and night is only minutes apart. Link voyages back to Hyrule but gets shipwrecked on an island. It has a few similarities to The Wind Waker.

 Only available on Game Boy.

Zelda 64-Ocarina of Time

This is the 3D debut of #Zelda on #Nintendo64! #Zelda64
 I have accomplished victory with Ganondorf only to watch the beautiful princess slip though my fingers. As I'm forced to live a 7-year old life again.

 To this day, Zelda 64 is still rated the best video game ever. A Gamecube edition was launched in 2002, which is basically the same thing! Yet there is a Master Quest for those more inclined for a challenge.

 But the greatest aspect continues to be it's breath-taking adventure(don't ask me why but Link reminds me of King David in the Bible)!

Legend of Zelda-Majora's Mask

Here is the sequel to #Zelda64! #Zelda #VideoGames
 A lot of neat features are contained within. Like the moon coming to life and Link playing instruments made out of skeleton bones and horns(like in primitive times).

 You must have a shark card with your N64 for this to work. Zelda's Collectors Edition has both games on one CD plus bonuses!

Legend of Zelda-Oracle of Ages/Seasons

Here is Zelda's debut on #GameboyColor! #Zelda #VideoGames
 Developed for Game Boy Color. This edition gives you a plot from the past to Hyrule(Where else). Link has to journey though seasons and time itself to once again rescue the princess.

The Legend of Zelda-The Windwaker

  More geared for a younger audience. It goes by a unique tale.

Once upon a time...

Now this is #Zelda's debut for the #Nintendo #GameCube! #ZeldaWindwaker #VideoGames
 There lived the kingdom of Hyrule. It was a peaceful prosperous land. Filled with bumper crops and bountiful fruits. Many kings served under the King of kings. And they all served him faithfully. All except Ganondorf-The king of thieves. An evil minion who received his ranking through trickery and hypocrisy.
In no time, did this man muster up an evil battalion to over-throw Hyrule. And purge it into utter darkness.

 Until one brave little boy put an end to his unruly demeanor shut him up into the Temple of Time. Never to see the light of day.

 To finalize his doom, the king of Hyrule unleashed a flood on the land. Causing the highest mountaintops to quickly form into islands. Which many had fled to to escape the great deluge.

 One thousand years later, someone has broken our kings trust. Letting Ganondorf escape. Kidnapping some girl you had a crush on.

 In total shock, you find out your the direct descendant of Link! While she's the direct descendant of Zelda! From long ago. Now Link Jr. must muster up his courage to defeat this guy once and for all.

Zelda-Four Swords

Some have said this to be the least viable #Zelda game of the series! #Nintendo #VideoGames
 Some call The Four Swords the worst Zelda game ever. But I haven't played it so I wouldn't know.

Legend of Zelda-The Minish Cap

Here is #Zelda's debut on the #GameBoyAdvance! #Gameboy #Nintendo #VideoGames #Zelda #Link
 Very similar to the Four Swards but has more graphical features and again geared more for the younger generation.

Legend of Zelda-Twilight Princess

#TwilightPrincess is on #GameCube #GameBoyAdvance, and now #Wii!
 Goes with the Game Boy Advance and the Nintendo Gamecube. It's somewhat of a hybrid between The Wind Waker and the Zelda 64. Twilight Princess looks really cool! Instead of Weeva, you have a kind of a sidekick along-side you guiding your way. A Paraclete if you will.

Zelda-Phantom Hourglass

Here is #Link's Debut on the #NintendoDs. Very much like the #Winkwaker! AZelda
 Phantom Hourglass was released for the Nintendo DS on June 23, 2007. Kinda like Windwaker except with somewhat of an old school twist.

On November 19th(2007) Link's Crossbow Training will be released. With a Peripheral Zapper for your Nintendo Wii!


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