Checkers Anyone?

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Anyone up for a round of Checkers?

 Well, let me just give you a brief history lesson on this antique.

 Checkers(in it's current set) has been played for over 500 years(dating back to the 1500's). Many believe it to have derived from an Egyptian boardgame named Alquerque. Which is very similar to what you find say at an IHOP restaurant. Many other ancient boardgames from different cultures had some reminiscence to today's Checkers. However like the religion Hinduism, it would take many centuries(if not a Millennium) to be kneaded together in what we today call a game of Checkers.

Flash Checkers Review

 Again there's no music to entertain your mind while you stare at your monitor for 30 minutes. But the gameplay is very much like it's boardgame counterpart. They even have two stages of difficulty. The Grandpa and Official Play. With the former being just in case you don't use your noodle that well(no offense grannies, I've goofed up a few times too:)).

 So to end my brief critical review, Checkers Flash definitely passes on the tradition of the boardgame.

Ratings: 4.99 Stars!

Play Checkers Flash!


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