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 There were three Russian computer geeks. Named Alexey Pajitnov, Dmitry Pavlovsky, and a high school lad of only 16(they'd probably laugh at our English names;) ). Together they developed a computer game in the early 80's. Which later evolved into the now famous "Tetris" game by 1986!

 Back in those days, the Soviets were in full bloom. Being in a Communist State, these four guys were forced to give up the trademark to the government who in turn sold the rights to Spectrum Holobyte to make a profit.

 As Communism dwindled around 1989, they filed suit and won a civil case. Ordering Spectrum to give what rightly belongs to these Russian entrepreneurs. And after more legal battles in court, the mid-90's saw them earning all royalties from each sale.

 Next Pajitnov relocated to the U.S. Founding an establishment he named after his invention Tetris Company LLC. That is the story of how Tetris came to be.

 Since most people know how to play Tetris, there's no need for me to rehash. Just sit back and enjoy your trip down memory lane.

Tetris Flash Review

 Although much updated from the original 8-bits, the music and soundtracks are pretty much faithful to the original. Even the shapes and colors on those all-too-familiar blocks have not deviated from the original pattern. So for those of you who just couldn't beat those guys(your friends perhaps) at this game, Flash Tetris just may be your hero!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

By the way, Click Here to play it NES style!

...Here is the original sound in better quality...


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