History of Nintendo

 When it comes to Nintendo. Most people think video games. Yet did you know they started out as a card playing company?

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 Yes, and even tried to tap other industries before settling with a niche to call their own. As the company expanded in the 70's(long before Atari was ever born), they bought out the rights of Magnavox(the very first game consul ever!) and for ten years experimented on a plethora of different formulas. Even being Atari's third-party-contractor for awhile. But it wasn't until 1985  that Nintendo broke through with a best seller. Entertaining millions with Super Mario Brothers among a whole list of other RPG's!

Nintendo's very first gaming consul! #NES #RegularNintendo #VideoGames
 Nintendo pretty much dominated the markets becoming a favorite of the 1980's. by 1989 Gameboy launches.. Behold Nintendo in the palm of your hand!

By 1990, #SuperNintendo came to a block near you offering improved 16-bit graphics and gameplay! #SuperNES #16BitGames
 By the early 90's super Nintendo emerged on the scene. Delivering even more cartridges then it's predecessor!. Then N64 popularized and expanded 3D with Super Mario 64. Nintendo Gamecube finally followed suit with Sony in transitioning to CD Rom. But it wasn't until Nintendo Wii revolutionized screen interaction! Thereby delivering a workout with a fun video game(yay, no more blood clots)!

  The latter was originally coined Nintendo Revolution. Which it truly was. In the name of Willie Wonka "What will they think of next?"


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