Mario: Everyone's Favorite Mascot

 Mario(formally Jumpman) remains one of our favorite(though annoying) arcade-hits video games has to offer. He went...
#Mario went from pixels to full animation in 30 years! #Nintendo #VideoGames
To This!

Here is #Mario's debut as #Jumpman! We all got to start somewhere! #DonkeyKong #MarioGames #DonkeyKongGames
From This!

 In 1985, Super Mario Brothers made it's debut to become the best-selling video game of all time! A few more years and Mario would break his own record with Super Mario Brothers 3! Super Nintendo adopted new members of the family(Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Wario). But it wouldn't be until the mid-nineties that he would become an untouchable!

 The year of '96 saw Super Mario 64. No longer a homely plumber. But a handsome devil in over-alls who could even bust some moves(I'm guessing he worked out)! cherishing the old, we longingly gazed our eyes upon his new 3-D image which sparked fanfare the world-over.

 Later Nintendo decides to give his brother a life on his own. In 2001, Luigi's Mansion launches for Gamecube. This time around, it's Mario who needs the rescuing from the clutches of the "King Boo"(a.k.a. the ghost of Bowser).

 Nintendo DS brought back what everyone craved for. Good old-fashioned platforming adventure(but with a modern twist)!

 Wii took Nintendo to the next level. No longer will you twiddle with your joy-sticks. No...You will actually get physical! Not to mention, all games ever created by Nintendo will be available. On one console! And that's not all...

Through your internet portal you can connect with your friends and play your favorate games like #Mario and #KonkeyKong!
 For the first time. You can play Mario Party with a friend from across the globe! Via Wi-Fi connection! Can ya beat that?!

 Weather you want him to go surfin' through the Milky Way Galaxy or just save a girl from Mighty Joe Young, Mario will always be everyone's favorite mascot!


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