First Video Game Ever

 In 1947, Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann each pitched in to create the very first video game ever. Like everything initially, it was a dinosaur). Later on, another developed OXO, which you can learn more Here!

In 1958, William Higinbotham released "Tennis For Two" as the very fist #VideoGame on the market! #FirstVideoGame #VideoGameHistory
 In 1958, William Higinbotham released the very first interactive game. I bet some of you baby boomers can remember this-"Tennis for Two"(shown below).

In the late 60's Ralph Baer developed the #Brownbox which later was released as the #MagnavoxOdyssey in 1972!
 In May, 1972 Ralph Baer launched the Brownbox. Which eventually became known as the Magnavox Odyssey. The first home game consul system even pre-dating Atari. The idea came to him while working with his colleagues in 1947(see at top).

 In 2006, Mr. Bear was given a medal by President George W. Bush. In honor of his most pioneering work.

  So there you have it. The grandfathers of the video game industry.


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