Alone in the Dark

The Very first #3D #VideoGame from #Atari #PCGaming! #HalloweenGames
 Did you know Atari was the one who released the very first 3D game ever? It was called "Alone In The Dark". Many disease-mongering zombie games(e.g. Resident Evil) got their inspiration from this gem.

Once upon a time,

 A man took his life. In a big mansion. Over the hilltop. Ever since, it's been left as desolate for 70 years. Yet many believe his soul still wonders through those cold dead corridors at night. Earnestly seeking a companion to share his gloom.

 Now as a merchant, you have to pick up certain products. To help him(who sent you) make a profit. Yet who knows what lurks within. You may not be the same again!

 There are 5 series to this title. I've never played any of them. If you have, then don't be afraid to share below.:)


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