Summer Flash Extravaganza!

I've got five refreshing #FlashGames to cool you off from the heat of the dog days of #Summer! #OnlineGames
 It's the hottest time of the year when the sun reaches it's zenith and the summer ridge fully flexes it's seething muscles. A season for bathing suits and sandcastles. cookouts and barbecues. It's when every lemonade stand is sold out. Why it's Summer of course and I've got 5 online games to coll you off from the blazing sun!

#1 Olympix Summer Games

See if you can make a sprint for the finishline in Olympix Summer Games! #OlymicFlashGames #SummerGames #Summer
 First off are the Summer Olympics. In 8-bit 2D fashion, you have been chosen to participate as an athlete for the 2016 Olympic races. All you have to do is excessively hit the Spacebar to make a sprint for the finishline before the other guy does. Just be sure to time your move just right as a false start will disqualify you.

Play Olympix Summer Games!

#2 Summer Night Escape

Let #Tomatea treat you to a delightful #Summer #RomeEscape with Summer Night Escape! Let the tapestry of nature serenade you through the midnight air(while the August moon smiles down upon you) in this surreal room escape by Tomalee(no not Tommy Lee Jones;)). Solve the puzzles look for clues, crack the underlying riddle in Summer Night Escape. A walkthrough is provided within the game's page. 

Edit: My bad. The producer's name is Tomatea not Tomalee!

Play Summer Night Escape!

#3 Find Dwarfs In Summer

Seek and find ten dwarfs on this tropical island! #Summer #SummerGames #SummerFlashGames
 Our third choice brings us on a secluded tropical island invaded by mischievous gremlins(aka dwarfs). You must capture all 10 of them and solve the islanders dilemma before this season's all said and done.

#4 Finding Nemo: Summer Crush's Edition

Help #Crush get as many gagets of the sea as possible in #FindingNemo 3: Crush's Summer Edition! #FindingNemoGames
 Our next selection takes us to Nemo's universe! Her you are Crush and must collect souvenirs and other goodies of the sea to bring home to your friends. Just use your mouse to steer the turtle in the right direction while avoiding jelly fish among other hazards.

#5 Super Brawl Summer

This #Summer clash with the mega cartoon stars of #Nickelodeon whether it be #Spongebob of #JimmyNuetron! #SmmerGames #SportsGames
 Finally, I've saved the best for last! Here's a Nickelodeon Sports game Super Brawl Summer. In it Spongebob(or whomever you choose) must do a faceoff with his rivals across their respective universe's. Pick any character you fancy and see if you can karate-chop em to kingdom come!

Play Super Brawl Summer!


 Well, that's all the Summer game's I have tonight. Stay cool and have fun all Summer long!


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July 4th Hidden Numbers

 I apologize for not posting on America's 240 birthday. My internet access was all fuzzy so I couldn't upload(never-mind review any flash games. To make it up to you, here's...

Here is #July4th #HiddenNumbers, a #HiddenObjectGame by #HiddenGames! #IndependenceDayGames

July 4th Hidden Numbers

 A hidden object game by Hidden Games. Here you must search carefully for all hidden numbers within this beautiful fireworks sketch of New York City over Independence Day Weekend(among other portraits). Hurry as you only got an allotted amount of time. Good luck and Happy 4th of July in ex post facto fashion lol.

Play 4th July Hidden Numbers!


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Father's Day Slacking

Help Sara secretly creating something special for her father for #FathersDay! #FlashGames #OnlineGames
 And now here's a holiday set apart for the daddies. Father's Day as we know it was founded by the same lady who campaigned for a day to honor all the mommies of the land. But did you know Father's Day originally had a religious overtone?

 Back to around 1500, the Catholic Church doved March 19th as a day to honor Joseph, Jesus's Earthly father. Eventually this occasion was used to honor all paternal relationships.

 Anyhow, here's a flash game geared toward the holiday by #SlackingGames! Sara hates fishing. But since it's Father's Day, she ops to join her day on a fishing trip. You must secretly bid your time with five tasks-including making a card for her papa!

Play Father's Day Slacking!


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