Ena April Fools Day Escape

Here is an #AprilFoolsDay #EscapeGame by #EnaGames where you must find a way out of this silly contraption via solving various riddles!
 Ever since Noah erroneously let out a dove fore the waters receded and Chaucer wrote his practical jokes, April 1st has been set aside for the goof in all of us. Just one day where it's O.K. to produce juicy pranks, spread silly rumors, or even put gum in your sisters hair. Even the class clown needs a holiday to show off and April Fools Day is just the time of year to do so!

 I may not have a joke to offer but at least there's an escape game to fiddle around with. Introducing Ena's April Fools Day Escape-a Point-and-click game by Ena Games! In it you must find a way to escape this foolish contraption by finding objects, storing them in your inventory, and solving various puzzles. Hopefully there is truly a way of escape and your not running foolishly in circles!

 I was surprised there was a flash game out there themed after this funny holiday. The music fits in with the overall theme. The graphics were zany but still well presented. Overall, I give this 4 out of 5 stars!

Ratings: 4 Stars! 

Play April Fools Day Escape!


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