Easter Egg Hop

Here is #Easter Egg Hop-a fun #StrategyGame by Jamie and Simone Edis! #EasterGames
 Once again Easter is just around the corner. Time to munch on jelly beans(I'll pass), peeps, bunny cookies and my favorite chocolate Easter Bunnies! What's Easter without deviled eggs and roast pork with colored eggs glistening the landscape-telling you that the Easter Bunny has come with a basket full of goodies! Ahh childhood memories!

 Now I can't deliver a colorful case of nostalgia. But I do have an Easter Game to review. 

 Here is Easter Egg Hop-a strategy game where you must help Hopper the Rabbit become the next Easter Bunny! Just use your mouse to hop around the entire screen collecting all eggs, chicks, and butterflies(for added speed and points) before time runs out. Watch out for the no-good hens as they have a tendency to bite. There are three courses in all. You must meet a predetermined quota before advancing to the next stage. There are also three modes of difficulty(Easy, Medium, and Hard).

 I loved the computer animation and the hillbilly soundtrack. Though even the Easy Mode needs some getting used to. Otherwise I thought this game was well executed with buoyant animation tinged with Easter and Spring!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Easter Egg Hop!


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