Tom and Jerry Ice Jump Game!

Here is #TomandJerry #IceJump a #WinterFlashGame! It's the middle of Winter and not only that but January Junction! Tom has chased that mouse all the way from that house to the frozen river. But the troble is, the forcast calls for a significant thaw to ascend the hills of the snowy plains.

 So...Jerry must hop from icicle to icicle grabbing on for dear life. Either that or plunge into the icy waters with a thousand knives. Ouch! All you'll need is your mouse to aim for the next patch of ice(up/down/foward/backward).

 I felt this to be more of a modern arcade game then an adventure game. At first I had trouble aiming Jerry on those darm icebergs but once you get the hang of it, it's all good. All in all, I think this was good but not great!

Ratings! 4 Stars!

Play Tom and Jerry Ice Jump!


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