Sonic 3D Snowboarding!

Here is a #Winter #SinicTheHedgehoge game by #TheBlox! What's Winter without a nice snowpack with a pair of skiis or a firm snowboard gliding down a brisk sunny hillside! 

 Well, Sonic surly knows how to ride down a mountainside. Just look at him go! Whenever a jumper approaches you must press the Space Bar. At that, he'll either do a heel grap, a barrol roll, a chillax, etc. The beter the jump the more points you get. Just time your jumps just right or risk a flop. To start the game just hit the Space Bar. 

 Even though all you do is jump at certain points in this game, I actually Iked it. In all, I find it to be a well done winter sports game!

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

Play Sonic 3D Snowboarding!


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