Turkey Cooking

Here is a #Thanksgiving #TimeManagement #CookingGame by #Games2Rule! #ThanksgivingGames
 You were supposed to get Thanksgiving off. Well, at least that was the last thing you heard from the boss's lounge. But then he changed his mind the week after Veterans Day.

 "Why not theme one night after ol goble goble"!

 He would! Wouldn't he. Now I must forgo my turkey dinner to meet his demands. O well. At least I'm getting holiday pay. Most folks in my position don't even get that. ha! So oft to work I go!

 The game is a bit technical so bare with me. Here are the instructions. 

Recognise the number of required roasted turkeys. Pick the turkey from it's cage. Use boiler to clean the turkey. When boiler glows, take the cleaned turkey from the boiler. 

Roast the turkey by using the roaster. When the roaster glows, take the roasted turkey from the roaster. Use gift box to pack the roasted turkey. Serve the gift box to the customer. Grab the money to allow the next customer to come in. That should do it!

It's tough to get in the hang of it. But I'm sure eventually you'll come to like this Thanksgiving trinkit! I give this 4 thumbs up from Online Game Lounge!

Ratings: 4 Stars!

Play Turkey Cooking!


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