Real World Escape 182-Turkey!

You must #Escape from this odd place before #Thanksgiving is over! #Thanksgivinggames #TurkeyGames
 Thanksgiving is just a few days away. But But the other day you hit your head on the way home and can't remember a thing. Even your home looks quite different.

 Now all you hear is Bonnie Tyler's hit from 1984 "Turn Around" constantly looping within your head without end-what a nightmare! What's more. Mr. Jingle here wants you to fetch him a turkey dinner and sniff out 12 mice out of his bedroom(don't ask). Then he'll release you for Thanksgiving and you can have a wonderful Holiday weekend. Isn't he such a suell guy!

 I thought the game was was well put together and chellenging. The soundtracking you might have guessed is from Bommie Tyler's hit from the 80's which I felt was cool but a wish the mute button worked. o well. Otherwise, I feel this game was appetising! A walkthrough is provided ingame!

Play Real World Escape 182-Turkey!


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