Mother's Day Slacking

Here is another #SlackingGame by #GirlsGames123 on #MothersDay!
 What other day of the year do we go out of our way to make this a very special day for the matriarch? Why Mother's Day of course. Yes, I might be a little late. But here goes my maternal gift.

 Introducing Mother's Day Slacking by #GirlsGames123! Somewhat like April Fools Slacking, you must commit to your task without procrastination or else risk blowing another chance with ma.

 Be sure to craft and wrap your gifts away from the auspices of your beloved mommy. If she catches you the surprise is ruined and the game is over. Just click the green X whenever that red exclamation mark pops up.

Good luck and Happy Mother's Day!

Play Mother's Day Slacking!


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