Don't Look Back!

Here is an #Atari like #Platformer by the name of #Don'tLookBack!
Once upon a time,

 Andrew had a girlfriend named Samantha. She meant the world to him. Each night he would buy her ice cream at the local shop. Until she passed away one dark and stormy night.

 Apparently, the ice cream cone she ate from had traces of poisoning lodged inside. The poor fella had no choice but to bury her in an open field.

 One night it was pouring. A voice deep inside the cave beckoned young Andrew to embark on a nether journey. Could he have found the Gates of Death-the other side of the grave?

 Come join this neon as he endeavors to retrieve Samantha's soul from the dark fiery taverns of Hades. Be wary of pesky bats, poisonous serpents, and noxious spiders. Watch out for those brutal Hell Hounds and horned devils. They will tear you from limb to limb.

 Use the Arrow Keys to move and jump. The Spacebar to shoot your pistol(trust me your gonna need it). 

 I loved the Atari look and feel to this! The difficulty is at first hard but manageable once seasoned. For those who simply want adventure this might not be your cup of tea. Otherwise Terry Cavanagh did a great job executing a nostalgic platformer!

Ratings: 4.99 Stars!

Play Don't Look Back!


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