The Story of Brewster Chiptooth

Help this pirate find the island's hidden treasure in this #PointAndClick #AdventureGame by #CarmelGames!

 For 25 years Chiptooth has labored upon me deck. The lad n're complained until just now. I just can't believe me bloody ears. What an ungrateful lug!

 Today the little rascal wants to part with me ways after all I've done for the lad. I gave him morsels, a uniform, and a salty bed on me ship. Yrrr I even paid him a doubloon a week to clean me deck. Now he thinks he can find Jelly Wriest's much coveted treasure hidden someplace upon this dear island.

 Legend has it this booty is locked up inside the Forbidden Fortress within the heart of this mystic island. Many a poop sap has attempted to steal thee gold only to be reduced into mere skin and bones. Chiptooth is too naive to undertake this endeavor. But if the lad perishes, it ain't me problem since I'm not his captain anymore".

 Now you must prove him wrong by interacting with the village people and solving the islands ancient riddles to retrieve that booty. Then you too can own a ship and go Arrgh!


1. Go to the village, grab piece of map(1/3) then go into the Grand Cannon saloon.

2. Grab a doubloon under the carpet, A bottle of rum on table, A bowl of cream cheese near the window, and a piece of the map(2/3) upon picture frame.

3. Go out then right. Insert coin within rum machine(it's broken). Go back to saloon into phone booth and dial 555-2744.

4. now talk to the bartender(he will give you 2 doubloons) then grab rag.

5. Go out then right. Drench rag with rum then combine with empty bottle.

6. Now go right and talk to Barnacle(he'll give you three pirate legs for 1 doubloon).

7. Buy red paint from craftsman.

8. Go right then down and get cracker then pearl(1/2) from skeleton. Take map piece(3/3) from crate.

9. No go back to ship and give pirate bottle of rum. Use resultant doubloon on Captain Jack for a boat.

10. Now combine cracker and cream cheese and give snake to bird. Paint bird red.

11.  Go all the way right then down and give fake parrot to Mr. Tom(he'll give you Pie-Rat).

12. Use pirate foot on eagle.

13. Go back to the ship and readjust the map.

14. Now go to Thagorus' Island.

15. Use Pie-Rat on trunk to steal the man's pie, take pearl(2/2), use alcohol peg leg on fire.

16. Now go back to the ship then head all the way right.

17. Insert both pearls on door then use final peg leg on door.

18. Use torch to enter.

19. Solve final riddle(click bottom to refresh puzzle).

20. The End!!!

Play The Story of Brewster Chiptooth!


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