Earth Day Games

Here are five free #FlashGames all on #EarthDay! #FreeOnlineGames
 Earth Day is a moment to reflect upon God's beauty. A time to ponder how we can make it a better place by reducing our carbon footprint. 

 To celebrate this occasion, here are a couple of free online games geared towards this holiday. Starting with... 

#1 Junk Monster

You have been hired by town council to pick up after this jerk on #EarthDay! #PrimaryGames #FlashGames
 Some inconsiderate jerks just don't get a clue about what there doing. This one is no different. Here we got a monster sabotaging real estate value via littering the streets of this once quaint little town. Luckily the clerk has hired you to clean up after him and teach the snob a lesson. But you must pick up the trash with mouse before the buzzer runs out!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Junk Monster!

#2 Michael Michael Go Recycle

Help this dweeb clean the park before time runs dry! #FunSchool ##PrimaryGames #EarthDay #EarthDayGames #FlashGames
 Again, another town has hired Michael to clean their park via recycling plastics in their appropriate waste baskets. Just use the Arrow Keys to walk. You can only carry 5 items at a time. You must dispose of all these objects before time runs out.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

#3 Earth Day Game

Here is an #OldSchool game called #EarthDay Game by #Bumblefly! #Atari #ClassicGames
 Here is a game which hearkens back to Atari's Kaboom. Only instead of bombs your collecting trash falling from the sky. Be sure to collect about all of them or else game over man. Just use your mouse to maneuver left and right.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

#4 Planet Earth Jigsaw Puzzle

Here is a #Jigsaw on the planet #Earth! #EarthDay #EarthDayGames #PuzzleGames
 Now here's a simple jigsaw on our beloved planet #Earth! Just click on Shuffle to start a new game and use your mouse to arrange the pieces.

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

#5 Ozone

Save planet #Earth from these filthy conglomerates who like to pollute! #EarthDay #EarthDayGames
 Multi-national conglomerates are destroying the ozone as we speak. Your job is to squelch these endeavors and transform this polluting factories into Earth friendly windmills and solar panels. Humanity is all counting on You. All 9 billion of them.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Ozone!

 That's all the games I have. Have a blessed #EarthDay!!!


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