Wheely 3

Here is #Wheely 3 by #CoolMathGames! #CarGames
 Wheely, our little anthropomorphic friend here has been beckoned unto another unforgettable urban adventure through mechanitopia. His wife(whom he wedded in Part Two) has asked him to purchase some gas downtown. Unfortunately there are some hurtles to overcome.

 A few cars accused you of stealing from the First Installment and now your the cities most wanted suspect. Like before, you must find clues and solve a few dilemmas before proceeding to the next course.

 As with previous installments, Wheely's design, artwork, and animation is superb. Music is catchy and soundtracking is crisp. Overall, I give Wheely 3 five thumbs up!

Ratings: 5 Stars! 

Wheely 3!


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