Adam and Eve 3

After Eve dies in Egypt, Adam finds a new soulmate in Ethiopia! #ValentinesGames #HumorousGames #BibleGames
 Although Valentine's Day is pretty much over, it's not too late to celebrate the first pair once more. Unfortunately, after the First and then Second Anniversary(in which she became Queen of Egypt), Eve soon succumbed to a rare bacterial infection. She passed away and left him lonely until he laid eyes upon a sweet Ethiopian.

 Now you must once again trek across the rugged landscape bartering with various locals. These creeps won't let you pass unless you give or do something for them in return. Eventually, you'll find an Ethiopian girl just waiting to consummate the marriage!

 Adam and Eve three is a lot like one and two in design and portrait. Same beat, same format which is not a bad thing mind you as straying might lessen the games quality. Maybe next time they could do one in suburbia(a Flintstoneesque). But all in all, I think Fastgames light-heartedly did a great job orchestrating a biblical account humorously.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Adam and Eve 3!


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