Tom and Jerry Xmas Gifts

Here is a #Christmas #TomAndJerry #Arcade game where you must fetch Tom a few gifts across the frigid river! #ChristmasGames #TomAndJerryGames
 Tom and Jerry. These two numskulls never got along(mostly). Day after day, Thomas would lay in wait over that little mouse only to be double-crossed by Jerry's indigenous maneuvers. At times, even Spike succumbed to his very own instincts. But nothing compared to the rivalry of these two rascals. Though there were a few exceptions.

 Tonight is one of those occasions. You see, a thief has broke into the local orphanage and stolen all the children's gifts. Despite their long standing contract, Tom and Jerry made a pact to put aside differences for one night and volunteer to deliver Christmas presents to those less fortunate. Only one thing stands in their way-an unfrozen river!

 This channel is only a few degrees above freezing. Luckily, a dover of ducks have opted to aid you getting across the frigid stream. As the little mouse, you must hop upon the ducklings backs(using the Arrow Keys) with present in hand until you've reached the other side. Tom will load the sleigh with each gift you fetch him. 

 But I must warn you. These geese have short attention spans. As soon as they spot a savory goldfish, down to the depths they go, leaving you to drown within the icy waters. So you must allow yourself some extra time and keep your eyes pinned at all times. These kids are counting on you two to save Xmas. Then after a job well-done, you can come back to your petty squabbles again!

Review of Tom and Jerry Xmas Gifts

 In no time does this game get quite challenging as those aquatic birds mercilessly dart for a snack. The music is very festive over the tinkling of magical bells. Despite lacking in overall interactivity, I find this Christmas gem worth your five minutes!

Ratings: 4.0 Stars!

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