The Way The Gingerbread Cookie Crumbles

Here is another festive #PointAndClick #Christmas game by #CarmelGames!
 It's the weekend before Christmas and George opted to throw an Xmas party for his friends. Everything was all fine and dandy until realizing he forgot to bake the gingerbread cookies last night. 

 A terrible Noreaster has dumbed 5 feet of snow outside. To make matters worse. One of the knobs to the oven is missing. Your guests are very hungry and impatient. You must find a way to fix that oven and throw-up a batch of those Christmas cookies before your mates disown you.

 Grab that old trusty mouse and use it to acquire items and combine them in your inventory. Yep, George is one odd ball who can't seem to get it together. But luckily, a few trinkets across the house should solve his dilemmas.

 I loved the Christmas soundtracking at the beginning and especially during the credits. The game has a weird but great storyline. But I felt it was too short. Otherwise Carmelgames has deliver another great point-and-click game geared toward the holiday season!

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!


1. Grab gingerbread cookie mix from shelf.

2. Open refrigerator to get mayonnaise.

3. Get bread from lower-right cabinet.

4. Go left into family room and grab shrub from evergreen plant on table.

5. Go left into the bedroom and get key from bed under pillow.

6. Use key to open upper-left cabinet and get Halloween costume.

7. Go left into bathroom and open left cabinet to retrieve suction cup.

8. Go back to the kitchen and with costume in hand go right into the living room(party room).

9. Combine bread with mayonnaise and evergreen shrub then give the sandwich to Bas(he'll open a window and barf.

10. Use suction-cup on open window to get key.

11. Use key on chest next to Christmas tree and grab candy cane.

12. Go back to the family room and use candy cane on ceiling latch(it fails to open. But a piece of cheese falls out. Grab it).

13. Go back to the bedroom and give cheese to the mouse. Get present in exchange.

14. Head back into the kitchen and open the gift(It's the missing knob on the stove).

15. Use knob on stove and put gingerbread cookie mix in stove to bake cookies.


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