Graveyard Racing

Come race with a few cryptoid ghouls in Halloween Graveyard Racing! #Halloween #HalloweenGames #RacingFlashGames
 Here lies an ordinary cemetery within the confines of a dark forest just off of where bogre Street cuts off. This graveyard dates back to the late 15th century. When Britain's eye was on the 13 colonies. Since then, many souls have come to rest in this yard. Every night it is quiet here. All except one night of the year!

 Many have sworn to see car apparitions thunderously drive through this graveyard like monster trucks. Indeed, a New England newspaper once ran an ad of folks claiming to witness a ghostly drag-race. Critics dismissed the assertions as nothing more then hearsay from a bunch of teenagers over a Halloween party. Or course no one would believe these adolescents even if the evidence grimly stared them in the face.

 Well tonight you are one of those departed spirits in a monster-truck. For on Halloween Night, there is a race tournament every year. Whoever finishes first in one piece gets to sleep with a trophy next to his coffin until next year. The grim reaper awakens four souls from their eternal slumber to participate in this cryptic contest. 

 To steer the vessel, hit the Upper arrow to drive and the Side Arrows keep your vehicle from toppling over. Watch out for rugged terrain and exploding pumpkins. You must win the race in order to advance to different courses. New cars will be unlocked as you progress. Good luck and may the ghouls smile upon you!

 I thought the difficulty was alright. The soundtrack is very seasonal with a good Halloween tune in the background. The graphics are fairly well-executed and blend right in. Overall, a great spooktacular racing game, though nothing to make you fall out off your chair!

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

Play Halloween Graveyard Racing!


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