Monkey Go Happy Eggs

The introductory scene to Monkey Go Happy Eggs! #MonkeyGoHappy #PointAndClick #FlashGames Easter...A time to scavenger hunt for eggs, celebrate Christ's Resurrection, eat jelly beans, and snack on all things Paschal! Well for this year, I have Monkey Go Happy Eggs!

 There are one hundred eggs with Chiclets stuffed inside that you must set free. Problem is, there are some hurdles to get by before all eggs can be retrieved. Just give the giant chiclet what he wants. I'm sure it's around there someplace. When satisfied, they'll let you pass. May You and all 100 of these chicks have a healthy and safe Easter 2015!

Monkey Go Happy Easter Review

 PencilKids has done it again! Like last year, they've once more themed a Monkey Go Happy after the holiday. This series is quickly carving out a following among browser-gaming fanatics and this episode does not disappoint(unless you're looking for a great challenge)! If you're in the Easter spirit, try giving Monkey Go Happy Eggs a fair shot!

Ratings: 5 Stars! 

Play Monkey Go Happy Eggs!


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