A sceenshot to the game Abandoned by #Krutovig! #PointAndClick ##RoomEscape #Submachine Legend has it a once thriving civilization inhabited the rocky foothills of the tibetan plateau before humans walked the Earth. One day, a ground-breaking discovery was made-a portal to another dimension was found on top of a stony cliff. Or so the hieroglyphs proclaim. They've never been seen nor heard from since.

  Now your brother claims he's found the doorway that leads to this other world. The guy has sent you letters and postcards begging you to join him. Against your better instincts, you oblige, pack your bags, and head for the heart of the Orient.

 Upon arrival, a few fragmentary diary sheets(with subtle hints) and a golden key just sit there waiting for you. Your brother is already on the other side and beckons you to find and open the door. They say that curiosity killed the cat. But c'mon...Just throw caution in the wind be a pioneer!

Abandoned Review

 In many ways, shapes, and forms Abandoned takes a lot from the Submachine Series. From the architecture to the inter-dimensional industrial clobberish. It's even got an Eastern theme running through it's pixels. The soundtracking is kinda creepy and surreal. If you're an avid fan of Mat and his awesome games, then Abandoned will not disappoint! Stay tuned for part 2!

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

Here's a Walkthrough!

Now play Abandoned!


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