Scary Halloween House Escape

Check out #WOW's #Halloween #EscapeGame! #HalloweenGames One night while trick or treating, a 12 year old kid happened upon a creepy house in the end of the neighborhood. Thinking it was just decoration, he opened the front gate. Ready to beg for more candy, the boy ventured towards the main door. Clang!!!

 Startled, the lad turns around and realizes the gate is locked! What's more? Nobody is there! In the corner of his ear, he hears grunted whispers and gargled noises. A cold dry breeze crypts upon his neck. Yes, the joint is haunted and Jordan is trapped!

 Help poor old Jordan escape this scary haunted house by scavenging clues and solving whatever puzzles the ghosts throw at you. Believe me, these spirits are much like Pigsaw. Though fortunately, not in a gruesome manner.

 There is a glitch with the candles as you need to place the lighter just right to light them up. Otherwise, I think WOW did a great gob with this escapee. It's nothing spectacular. But it will get you in the mood for Halloween!

Stay tuned for the next installment of Scary Halloween House Escape!

Ratings 4.0 Stars!


1. Go down then left and click on two sculls on tombstones to get screwdriver and first spider. Put spider on first web.

2. Click on the three pumpkins to get code.

3. Click on bush to receive lighter.

4. Go right and get second spider from grass. Put spider on second web.

5. Zoom into pipe and use screwdriver to get handle then zoom out.

6. Click on taller grass to get first scull.

7. Click on bush near tombstone to get key.

8. Put code(from last scene) on wall(244662) to get cross.

9. Go right and place cross on back tombstone to get second scull.

10. Get third and fourth spider from left and right bushes. Put spider on third web.

11. Get white candles from two front tombstones.

12. Go down twice and put spider on fourth web.

13. Place both sculls on gate posts on either side.

14. Go down then right and zoom into well to place handle on well to reveal a safe.

15. Use key on safe to get pumpkin then zoom out.

16. Go down and insert spider code on front door steps(4531) to get second pumpkin.

17. Go down and install the two pumpkins on gate posts on either side(be sure to click to cut them).

18. Turn on lighter.

19. Use lighter to light candles(might be a lot of trial and error for some).

20. Now install lighted-candles on top of pumpkins to get front door key.

21. Go down and use key on front door.

22. Stay tuned for part two!

Click Here to play if you dare!


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