Scary Halloween House Escape 2

Now that you've found a way in! You must #Escape this #HauntedHouse before it's too late! #HalloweenGames After meandering through the creepy front exterior of this haunted house, the boy has managed to retrieve the key to the front door. Perhaps the master key might be laying about in there? It's better then standing around like a doofus out here. So in he goes to finish this scavenger hunt the phantoms have put him up to.

 Now, he needs your help once more. Like before, you must search for clues and solve tedious puzzles to hopefully get someplace. He must obtain the skull card to advance further on through the mansion.

 His bag is only half full. There are still several houses with their front-lights on and the night is young. Make sure this kid gets out before 10:00!

 Compared to the last installment I was a bit disappointed. The puzzles were just as challenging. But the game is shorter. But other then that, the game was fairly executed.

Ratings: 3.5 Stars!


1. Zoom into fire place. Click on tinted brick(upper right) to get key and zoom out.

2. Click pumpkin to get first skull and right spiderweb for arrow.

3. Click on upstairs right door and use key to enter.

4. Click on spiderwebs for more arrows.

5. Zoom into draw and click bottom right draw to get first bat. Zoom out.

6. Zoom into picture(of monster hand) for key. Zoom out.

7. Go into right door.

8. Click on webs for more arrows.

9. Click on pumpkin for the second bat.

10. Note code on toilet.

11. Zoom into mirror and click in this sequence: Click square once, circle once, square once, then circle three times. Note pattern on mirror that is revealed then zoom out.

12. Go out of first bathroom and bedroom. Now from the living room, click on upstairs left door to zoom in. Use key to get into second bedroom.

13. Click pillow to get second scull.

14. Click left web for arrow.

15. Click on chair support to get third bat.

16. Go into second bathroom.

17. Click skull on floor to get fourth bat.

18. Click on web for final arrow.

19. Remember code in fireplace(RYGRBG)? Click on the colors(on the colorwheel) corresponding to each letter of the code from right to left. Get third skull that appears.

20. Note code on bathtub.

21. Go back into first bedroom.

22. Zoom into right side of draw and set code in this sequence: dash, blank, dash, dash, blank. Get 4th skull and zoom out.

23. Zoom into left side of draw. Use key on bottom draw to get 5th skull.

24. Type in 3124 on top draw to get 6th skull and zoom out.

25. Now click on mirror and zoom in and click on tile-wheel in this order: upper-right, bottom-left, bottom-right, Upper-left. Get 7th skull and zoom out.

26. Go back to living room and insert bats below railing to get 8th skull.

27. Go to second bedroom and zoom into panel above bed.

28. Remember color code in first bathroom mirror. Do it exactly as depicted there.

29. Now place all skulls on the circles.

30. Now rotate sculls in proper sequence: North skull chin facing east, NE skull chin facing sw, East skull chin facing north, SE skull chin facing se, South skull chin facing west, SW skull chin facing ne, West skull chin facing south, and NW skull chin facing northwest. Get skull card.

31. Finished!!!

Click Here to play the game!


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