4th of July Solitaire

A snapshot of the electronic game 4th of July #Solitaire! #July4th #IndependanceDay
Fourth of July Solitaire!
 After nibbling on the cobbler, wolfing down a medium Angus burger, and watching the nightly pyrotechnics, come treat yourself one last time on America's 238th birthday bash with "4th of July Solitaire"!

 Just like any other sundry Solitaire, 4 card decks must be stashed from Kings down to Aces(or should I say from Senator to President)-oscillating from black to red(and vise versa). As represented by those four congressmen, 4 bins will be provided to collect unwanted cards(in the time being). But they must be counted according to color and symbol in reverse order(from Aces up to Kings).

 In case you get stuck or make a mistake, there's always the Undo Button to retrace your steps. If you win, all cards will automatically get stacked within each bin.

 I thought our forefathers fought to steer clear of The Crown. But o well. Have a happy Independence Day Weekend and God Bless America!

Play 4th of July Solitaire!

[Note: This years theme has changed from senators and crowns to good old fashioned July 4th trinkets!]


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