Independence Day Invasion

A snapshot of the #RPG Redcoat Invasion:The War for Independence! #StrategyGames #July4thGames
RPG strategy Red Coat Invasion!
 July 4th, 1776 will always be remembered as our formal Declaration of Independence from King George of England! But that was only the beginning of what would become the Revolutionary war. Now relive that moment as George of England aggressively asserts his dominion by sending Redcoat men through the streets of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

 As the Commander and Chief of the Continental Army, you must supply each Minuteman with rifles and assimilate the artillery across the battlefield to reassert your claim for America. Your men are counting on you to lead them into combat. Don't let them down.

 The background drum line gives it an authentic kick. The difficulty is catered to your needs: Easy-Medium-Hard. If you're in the holiday spirit, then Independence Day Invasion will surely not let you down for 30 minutes!

Play Independence Day Invasion! 

Edit: Now called Redcoat Invasion: The War for Independence!


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