Submachine 8-The Plan

Check out Mat's new #PointAndClick adventure Submachine 8 the Plan! #Submachine #MateuszSkutnik
 Matt has just launched a new episode to our beloved Series and this time with a multi-dimensional twist! Murtaugh is only unearthing bits and pieces to this tepid puzzle. You must muster all your riddle-solving skills to pave a way through the multiverse not out mind you. If you think you could break free from this underground machine, you are only kidding yourself!

 As with every installment, have your mouse in-hand and click your way through the foreboding catwalks and beckoning pipes. There are many different items to decipher and store in your inventory. There are even a few secrets to unravel.

  Hopefully...Just maybe...There might be a way to outsmart Murtaugh and the Submachine. Right now I just want to know the plan in all it's so-called beauty.

Submachine 8: The Plan Review

 You will not be disappointed with Matt's latest installment to this ever increasingly popular series Submachine! With edge-cutting graphics and suspenseful soundtracking, "The Plan" will leave you itching to solve the next riddle to move on to bigger and better things. Those crisp sound-effects have now become one of Matt's signatures within the flash game arena! I can't wait until "Submachine 9-The Temple" is unleashed!

Ratings: 5 Stars!


Play Submachine 8-The Plan!


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