Papa's Hot Doggeria

Who's up for some franks during Baseball Season! #PapaLouie has just open up Hot Doggeria within the city's ballpark! #TimeManagementGames #FlashGames
 You have always enjoyed watching the game ever since you were a kid. And today was your first chance ever to attend an actual ball game. But after waiting in line for several hours in the freezing cold, that dreaded sign was posted on the window...Tickets Sold Out. But not all hope was lost.

 An advertisement in the newspaper proclaimed the best seats in the house to those who opted to apply for a job at Papa's Hot Doggeria! Immediately, you head right on over and grab an application-Only to foolishly realize you've just signed a contract and must work while your favorite mascots play ball on the first half.

 As with every establishment of Papa Louie, you must take and deliver each person's order in a timely efficient manner. Be sure to use whatever money you might get from your paycheck to upgrade the joint. Pay special attention to those food critics(tips are at stake).

Papa's Hot Doggeria Review

 Like all their other Papa Louie installments, I find Hot Doggeria educational and quite entertaining. The difficulty is just right with little mini games to help boost your budget now and then. All Flipline Studios needs is another adventure and Papa Louie will become another browser-based mascot!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Papa's Hot Doggeria!


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