Turkey To Go

Come catch this crazy #Turkey this #Thanksgiving in Turkey To Go! #ThanksgivingGames #TurkeyGames #PrimaryGamesI apologize to my readers,

 I just realized "Thanksgiving Escape" was already reviewed just last year at this time(must've been the egg nog I had last night).;)

But to make it up to you, here is...

Turkey To Go

 Here is a point-and-click arcade extravaganza where you must collect as many turkey feathers and Thanksgiving side-dishes possible to fatten the bird up. Each course has it's own predetermined quota to meet and it gets tougher as you progress. But not to worry as they'll be plenty of corn-on-the-cobs to grant you speed and dexterity.

 Watch out! a few morsels might be poisonous. Not to mention that darn pitchfork will go after your rear-end if your stomach doesn't agree! But otherwise, keep filling-up on those feathers to clothe your naked body.

Turkey To Go Review

 Although the gameplay is not much. It'll get fairly addicting once you get moving. The music is for the hillbillies. This game might not overtly excite you. But it's worth giving it a shot over those left-overs in the fridge!

By the way, Happy Thanksgiving!

Play Turkey to Go!


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