Thanksgiving Day Escape

Here is a good #Thanksgiving #RoomEscape by #123bee! #ThanksgivingEscape
*Edit*[My bad. I just did this review last Thanksgiving! So I've added the link to my previous post at the bottom of this one. Must of been the indigestion. Oh well. So to make it up to you, check out Turkey To Go.]

 It is a mild Spring morning here in Plymouth. It's 1624 and your trapped within a cottage somewhere deep within the enchanted forest's of this New World. Just three years ago we and the Indians were as one-celebrating the bounty God had given us through many festivities and a bloody huge turkey dinner.

 Oh...I can still taste the yams and the corn-on-the-cob! If it wasn't for Alfred's wicked ambitions, we would still be breaking bread this very day. But as of now the Indians are pissed! Though my fellow pilgrims are blissfully unaware, I have been kidnapped by Chief Sanataquset! He has ordered me locked-up within a cabin far from the reaches of what he calls the pale face.

 Now you must help me escape this hut and warn the others to urge Governor Alfred to stop his mad coarse and restore peace with the Indians before it is too late!

Up now...Times are wastin'!

Ratings 5 Stars!

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