Two Minute Football 3D 2010

Come check out this 3D football game I've found online! #OnlineGames #SportsGames #3DGames
Happy Superbowl Sunday to all!

 While I'll admit I'm not much for football. I do stumble upon a game now and then that frankly I just can't pass up. And this is one of those moments.

 Football 3D is a multi-player three-dimensional haven of virtual bobbing heads all lined up for the final curtain call. The last two minutes. When the ball finally reaches it's final touch-down(or not). When the winner gives it's triumphal entry!

 That's right! You have been called on to take someone else's place upon the last two minutes of the Superbowl! But don't fret. Perhaps your opposing nemesis has run out of steam by now. But whatever the case, you must score a touchdown before the buzzer goes off in 2 minutes!

 Use the Arrow Keys to steer your avatar. Press Space to start and K to do a field goal(use the mouse to levitate towards the ball).

 The picturesque surroundings and multi-dimensional atmosphere give this epic production a leading edge in browser-based football games. The animation is ethereal. Although I find the difficulty a bit on the hard side(perhaps I need a little practice), they do offer a College, Pro, and All-Pro(open only when the former are beaten) mode on it's challenging scale. Otherwise, I am in awe of it's splendid graphics!

Play 2 Minute 3D Football!

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