Avalanche-A Penguin Adventure

For all you #Winter lovers out there. I have a treat for you by #Miniclip! #WinterFlashGames #WinterGames #PlatformingGames
 I hear there are rumors of a short-fused warm-up by next week. Which I'm sure will ignite yearnings of Spring Fever for some. But to the rest of us, let's relish every last bit of Winter before the bear wakes from his well-rested hibernation! For those snow geese out there, let me introduce you to...

 Avalanche-a Penguin Adventure. One of Miniclips coveted artifacts. Which all takes place upon the fidget Rocky Mountains in Mid-Winter.

 You must guide our little friend across these mountain chains in one piece. Use the Right Arrow Key to move, the Left one to break, and the Upper Arrow to jump. Be very cautious of rocks, trees, and bottomless pits. Be sure to collect as many tokens to score more points.

 Leave it to Nitrome to deliver only the finest in free online gaming. The graphics, soundtrack, and animation are retroglyphically exhilarating! Something I highly recommend to all those hungry for nostalgia!

Play Avalanche: A Penguin Adventure!


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