Papa Louie's Burgeria

Papa Louie has been serving mean pizza since 2006. Now he's opened up his very own burger restaurant dubbed Papa's Burgeria! #TimeManagement #OnlineGames #FlashGames #PapaLouie
 After mongling us with such classics like Papa's Pizzeria and Papa Louie: When Pizza Attacks, Flipline Studios has now unleashed it's Burger counterpart!

 Papa Louie has decided to run his very own burger shop in addition to the pizzeria. But soon enough the demands started pouring in to the point where he had to either close shop or delegate it to someone else. Fortunately, he chose the latter and found you to be the perfect selection.

 Papa's Burgeria is a mouse-interactive strategy-induced business management game where your pronged to run this burger-hut from scratch. Like "Papa's Pizzeria", you will be graded upon how you cater to the customers. Both quality and efficiency do matter(though at first you'll only worry about the former).

 Like it's sister counterpart, Papa's Burgeria is a polished well-executed cooking-strategy game. Not mind-boggling by any means. But is sure to keep you hooked.

 There are three characters to choose from. Each with their own story to tell(well sort of). I highly recommend this jewel to anyone in the mood for flipping burgers!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Papa's Burgeria!


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