Crystal Runner

Her's Crystal Runner! A futuristic Retro hybrid by #LionwoodStudios! #PlatformGames #AdventureGames #RetroGames #FlashGames
 From the realm of arcadia comes "Crystal Runner"! A futuristic/Retro hybrid platformer from the desk of Lionwood Studios.

 Use the Arrow keys to wonder from room to room. When encountering a square, use the Spacebar to rotate and reach new areas. Watch out for those yellow blocks as they have a tendency to make you slip.

 Be wary of Black holes. Try to evade the baddies as they'll hound you with fireballs. It's a good thing there are bombs laying around someplace which you can thrust with the X key.

 Be sure to grab some hearts and men on the way to the good ship. They'll increase your score.

 Weather you enjoyed Pacman, Pipeman, or even Bomberman, Crystal Runner will surely give you the comfort of familiar territory. Coupled with incursions of contemporary flavor!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Crystal Runner!


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