Microcosmic Shooter

Check out this #FirstPersonShooter Microcosmic Shooter! #ShooterGames #EscapeGames One ordinary morning you wake up, brush your teeth, and whack an annoying house fly. Nothing too surprising there. Only thing is, these bugs have been genetically engineered by some gruesome alien insect right in your own kitchen!

 To make matters worse, he's brainwashed these squirts to downsize you to an inch in diameter. Now they've got you right where they want you. Your only link to survival is to assemble a few specimen tools and invent weapons of microscopic destruction.

 Welcome to Microcosmic Shooter-a point-and-click first person shooter hybrid by gameslist.com.

 Now after defeating Mr. boss and regaining your stature. I don't think it's the last you'll ever hear from him. No siree...Stay tuned for part 2!

To Be Continued...

Microscopic Shooter Walkthrough

1. Walk out of cup.

2. Walk forward and take hairpin.

3. Go toward faucet. Turn water on, back up, and take elastic.

4. Click upper-right arrow and take fragrance.

5. Click lower-right arrow and kill the fly with the fragrance.

6. Go down and kill another fly.

7. Go into kitchen.

8. Go straight and take sledgehammer. Then push stool to create an inverted plain.

9. Go up and use fragrance to kill two mosquitoes.

10. Go straight and use sledgehammer on faucet to go up and get tooth-picks(this should create a bow-n-arrow). Now back up.

11. Now go left and shoot the bug with bow-n-arrow.

12. Go left twice, use sledgehammer and fragrance to knock out power socket to grab small blade from under the pan.

13. Go left and use bow-n-arrow upon multiple bugs to go forward and grab the string.

14. Go down twice then left and use bow-n-arrow on circles then use sledgehammer to make a ladder.

15. Go up and grab small block of wood then come right back down and out.

16. Click the lower right arrow and kill a bug(with bow-n-arrow), then go straight and collect the map(photo).

17. Go back down and take a right. Then go straight and left to destroy multiple bugs with bow-n-arrow.

18. Now bang a right(lower-right arrow) and use sledgehammer to collect soybeans.

19. Now back out and Click upper-right arrow to collect bottle of superglue(this should result in the creation of an artillery gun).

20. Now back out and click lower-left arrow.

21. Use bow-n-arrow and sledgehammer to make a latter again and go up.

22. Now use artillery on glass-encased bug then go straight to face the final boss with same weapon(you gotta be quick).

23. You've killed the bug! Or have you?

To Be Continued...

Play Microcosmic Shooter!


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