Compliments of Old Man Winter!

Here are five gifts in the form of #WinterFlashGames from the hand of Father Winter! #FlashGames #OnlineGames #WinterGames
 Old Man Winter is out in full force! Carpeting the fields with snow galore and biting the air with an Arctic nip. The dead of Winter can be gruesome and lonely. But rest assured, the old man has gifts to spare!

#1 Find Dwarfs In Winter

Here is a Japanese Winter #PointAndClick adventure where you need to find 10 little gnomes to win! #WinterGames #OnlineGames
 And I thought dwarfs could only be seen during Christmas and St. Patrick's Day. I guess I was wrong. Perhaps the Old Man employs elf's in his own shack as well?

 Regardless, 10 gnomes need to be captured and returned to Winter's hobby shop. Is it any wonder they would run away?

Ratings: 5 Stars!

 Play Dwarfs In Winter!

#2 Ice Cube Bear

Here is a Winter #PhysicsGame by #Heroik dubbed Ice Cube Bear! #WinterGames Well well, if it wasn't for all this Global Warming business, we would've saw it coming. You see, while everyone was touting "save the polar-bears" a swift and sudden fall in temperatures set us on the verge of another Ice Age! Oh they're going extinct all right. Only because of getting encased within 6 feet of deep ice.

 As a good environmentalist, you've gotta give these cubs a lending hand. Or else they'll all freeze to death!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Ice Cube Bear!

#3 Winter Escape

Here is a quaint Winter Escape game via #MyescapeGames! #WinterGames #EscapeGames Spending time in the Mountains can be breathtaking and a lot of fun-even during January Junction. Unless you don't know where your going. What's more, you've dropped your keys in 0 degree weather!

 Coming from the studios of My Escape Games is a fairly robust point-and-click frenzy geared towards the Winter Season. A snowman-filler(for lack of a better adjective) if you will.

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

Play Winter Escape!

Here's a Video Walkthrough!

#4 Winter Bells

Here is an inspiring modern Wintertide #Arcade adventure Winter Bells! #WinterGames #OnlineGames
 Kind of like a Winter edition to Pigs Can Fly. Except a rabbit is doing the stunts. I doubt pigs can handle sub 0 readings anyway. But hares not only can bear it but change color as well! Think of this as a lame addition to Peter and the Wolf.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Winter Bells!

#5 Jack Frost

Here is another #Retro #Arcade #WinterGame by #Nitrome! #FlashGames
 Last but not least, if it isn't the devil himself. Jack Frost-considered Old Man Winter's baby cousin. You see, this is his time to spread chill and frost throughout the kingdoms of the world.

 And this time, he needs your help to subdue the Heat Miser. On each level you must freeze everything in sight then move on to the next course. Hopefully Winter Warlock will finally regard you as his very own sidekick!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Nitrome's Jack Frost!

That is all the gifts I have this year. Happy Wintervus everybody!


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