Luigi's Mansion Online Game

Luigi Must once again muster his courage and enter #KingBoos Lair and rescue his brother #Mario! #HalloweenGames #MarioBros
 E. Gadd has called on Luigi the ghostbuster once more to clean house. But this time there ain't no mansion in the catalog. And yes. Mario is still as naive as can be.

 King Boo has taken possession of Mario's very first achievement(as Jumpman)-a canvas of an arcade legend Donkey Kong. King Boo and his minions dominate the scene. In effect, booting monkey brain out!

 Now Now Luigi must step back in time, slip on a 2D uniform, and rescue his ever clueless brother from the spirit of Bowser(ever wonder why Peach is attracted to him). Now it's his turn to be the stunt man!

 In place of rolling barrels, you'll be contending with(you guessed it!) Boos. Just like the arcade edition, move on up the ladders until you've reached the top. Hit Space to jump and use the Arrow Keys to move about.

 When it comes down to uniqueness, I didn't feel this stood out too much from the pack. Then again, it's only a mash between Luigi's Mansion and Donkey Kong. Heck, even the soundtrack is intermingled.

 For a 15 minute break from the floor, this'll sure bring back fond memories of way back when. But after awhile you'll either find it addicting or just plain old redundant.

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

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