Franky FriDay Treats

I've got five treats in the form of five #HalloweenFlashGames on my blog to splurg on! #HalloweenGames #FlashGames
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 For the next three weeks I will be offering a few treats from my bag every Friday. In keeping with the Halloween spirit. So stay tuned to find out what's in store. This week I have...

#1 Creepy Pong

Play a little #PingPong with #Dracula, #Frankenstain, and the #Wolfman.
 Dying for a little match over table tennis? But nobody will play with you? Oh well. I guess these freaks will have to suffice.

 Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Wolf Man-oh my! Worst yet-Mr. Bones is the referee! Now if you don't want to become the laughing stock of the dead, I'd suggest you blow them to kingdom come.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Creepy Pong!

 #2 Graveshift

Your King has sent you on a brave journey across the #darklands! #HalloweenGames
 Out of fear of unwholesome competition, the King has summoned you to explore the far recesses of the darkside to expand his crown. But the White Warlock has not only stolen many vessels but has become sacrilegious and has deceived many into his web of lies.

 You...O servant of the Realm must put an end to his wicked schemes and restore light unto our land. There will be possessed morsels and disembodied spirits who's only purpose is to harm thee. But fear not and above all press on and ye shall be rewarded handsomely!

Ratings: 4.9 Stars!

Play Graveshift!

#3 Halloween Matching

See if you can match all these #HalloweenCards before time is up! HalloweenGames
 Ah, what could be more festive then matching Halloween cards while sipping on a mug of Iced Pumpkin Spice Freppe! You must find a pair of witches, demons, black cats, etc. before the buzzer runs out. It's as simple as that.

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

Play Halloween Matching!

#4 Halloween Ride

Who's up for a little #Halloween racing! #HalloweenGames #WitchGames
 Brought to you by the same guy who made The Halloween House(no longer operative) comes a zany spooktacular with Jason written all over the soundtracking! Take your Mitsubishi out for a stroll on a dark and stormy night. Beware of joksters and crevices along the way. And yes. Plenty of drunk drivers on the wrong side of the street!

Ratings: 4 Stars!

Play Halloween Ride!

Hazel Halloween Trouble

Hazel throws a #HalloweenParty only for a #Witch to ruin everything! Help Hazel to save her friends! #HalloweenGames Hazel invites many of her friends over an abandoned house for a Halloween party(not so bright). At first everything went smoothly-until the last minute. All the lights were snuffed out. And all of Hazel's friends were trapped by the spirits that haunted that old mansion. Now you must play the hero and solve many difficult puzzles or else even the shoes upon your feet will be snatched away!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Hazel Halloween Trouble!

 Well, that's all the candy I have this week. Join with me next time for more goodies every Frankin Friday!


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