Santa's Missing Toys

You must help poor old #santa by coing through his #Workshop and finding all his lost #Toys! #ChristmasGames
 Santa as of late has come down with a little case of ADD. Made obvious on the few gifts he absent-mindedly forgot to stuff in his jolly red bag of goodies. Not to mention, St. Nick's toy factory is completely in disarray(as if a major hurricane had barreled through the North Pole).

 That's why he has promoted you to audit his little village nestled within the 90th parallel. As Santa's Helper, you are the head of all Elves everywhere. Only the jolly old fella(and his wife) have more authority then you.

 You must go through Santa's List and find all the missing gifts contained therein(top of the screen). Guide your mouse to survey the needed toys and grab em via left-clicking. While your at it, look for a few Christmas Baubles to score extra points on the side.

 But be wary not to randomly click away(each aimless click of the mouse equals -5 points). Furthermore, some toys look awfully similar. So it's best to pay attention to your inventory up top to avoid potential confusion.

 There are four courses in all. This Christmas classic was developed by Luke Whittaker-one of the finalists on a Jay Is Games Competition.

Santa's Missing Toys Review

 The only fault I could find with this trincle was the lack of courses(only 4). As adding at least five more would've sufficed(in my opinion). Including the option for Easy, Medium, and Hard mode might appease each crowd in the casual gaming arena.

 But regardless, "Santa's Missing Toys" offers a festive Christmas atmosphere with great sound-tracking(by Kevin MacLead who also contributed his music to Christmas Crush) and a fairly well-engineered strategy hunt. Overall, I still give the game 5 out of 5!

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

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