Mission Christmas Eve

Help #Santa deliver presents to all the good boys and girls across the world! #ChristmasGames #SantaGames Among the many pit-stops Santa must make on his evening commute, there's always a bad neighborhood in every town. And this lot is no different.

 Tonight, there is a handful of nice children amidst a sea of naughty ones. In similar fashion to Paper Boy, you must deliver presents to each brightly lit home(avoiding the red ones at all costs). For each brat who receives a present, you'll get fined. In Contrast, every good child who gets a gift will only add blessings to your high score. Your Mouse will steer his sleigh while the Spacebar will launch each gift down the chimney of those who deserve it.

 As an extra thorn on your side, there will be naughty protesters who'll throw snowballs at your sled and ruin your itinerary(those nasty little buggers). So do the world a favor and show these kids some justice.

Mission Christmas Eve Review

 I appreciate the modern edge to the soundtrack(most noticeably the intro and conclusion which has a rendition of Silent Night on piano). I further thought the allusion to Paper Boy was kind of neat.

 However, I wish the developer divided the game between each course(like it's Nintendo derivative). Plus the graphics and gameplay did not feel at all like a Paper Boy spin-off(other then red and white houses).

 But if you can mind those set-backs, I think "Mission Christmas Eve"(a.k.a. Mission Midwinter Game) will throw a smile on your face.

Ratings: 4.8 Stars!


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