Happy Halloween Escape

See if you can #Escape this #Spooky house in Happy #Halloween Escape! #HalloweenGames
 Coming from the cyber desk of games2rule comes a unique room-escape. Quite simply doved "Happy Halloween Escape"! Wacko Jacko(no not Michael Jackson) has placed you in a peculiar hex. Like he did five hundred years ago. Allow me to introduce you to him.

 Many many moons ago, there lived an Irish farmer named Jack who would spend all his days trying out new drinks at the tavern-even if it meant serving his time in debt bondage.

 One day the devil gave him an irresistible offer. Satan would cover all of Jack's debt in exchange for his soul. Foolish Jack could think of nothing but the fizzling delight of beer and wine. He jumped head-first into the deal! Yet unbeknownst of the devil, Jack had a few mischievous tricks up his sleeve.

 When it became time to pay up, Stingy Jack was slick and sly. Telling The Evil One his soul was caught up in the apple tree. Reaching the top, Jack sneakily carves a cross upon the stem. The devil promises to give back his soul if only he erased the sign of the cross. Jack complied. But soon realized the hard way, never rely on the words of The Father of Lies.

 Satan cursed him to wander to and fro upon the face of the Earth for all eternity. Never to give up the ghost nor enjoy the pleasures of mortal life. However, The Angel of Death did offer him an amber from Hell to give him light amidst the dark twilight. Swiftly, he carves out a turnip and inserts the flame within to create a lantern.

 From then on, he became known as Jack-O-Lantern-a mischievous prankster. Seeking whom to disturb...And on this Halloween, he so happens to choose you!

 Jack-O-Lantern has trapped you in his ulterior dimension-a room carved out from a giant pumpkin suspended in nothingness. You must search for clues and solve the riddles Jack has left behind to escape this peculiar nightmare.

 The only thing you'll need is a desktop mouse and a sharp mind. I guess Jack has learned a thing or two from "The Saw". Let's prove him a fool for thinking he could actually keep us trapped within his pocket!

Happy Halloween Escape Review

 One thing which noticeably stands out is the quality of the soundtrack! Spookalicious and spectacular! The whole puzzle was a bit short, though not too hard or easy(yippee! no pixel-hunting). The difficulty was just about right(the more seasoned among us might wish for a bigger challenge). The whole concept was unique and quite intriguing(I mean, a house made-up from a pumpkin carving would sell! Don't you think?).

 So to wrap it all up, "Happy Halloween Escape" is not scary. Though the execution and overall feel will most certainly induce Halloween fever!

Ratings: 4.7 Stars!

Here's a Walkthrough!

Play Happy Halloween Escape!


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