Graveyard Shift

Come check out Nitrome's first-person #Platformer Graveyard Shift! #Nitrome #HalloweenGames #RetroGaming
 Tonight, we must give this forsaken wilderness an extermination! No. I'm not just talking about creepy crawlers. But zombies, gargoyles, dragonflies, even piranhas! O...It just keeps getting better!

 You have been chosen(of all people) to clean the land of all impure slimy creatures that walk the night. Right-Click on your Mouse to blast these mutants away! Be sure to watch out for incoming slime-balls(luckily, you've got a shield to activate by pressing down the Spacebar). Another fly in the ointment would be those innocent pedestrians. Knock them cold and your health will deteriorate.

 Be on the lookout for potions and other treasure chests to fill your energy and equip you with new weapons(trust me. They'll come in handy). But watch out for those Piranhas as they inject poisonous venom that'll leave you reeling like a drunkard. A good hand grenade usually does the trick.

Graveyard Shift Review

 You'll never expect a bad game from Nitrome. For the first time, they immerse you into a first-person shooter geared towards the Halloween Season. What I like most is the absence of any nasty gore or unnecessary violence. I'm fairly confident children 7 and up will enjoy this game immensely!

 With such fluently cartoonish platforms and a nostalgic reminder of Cops N Robber's(NES), Nitrome has certainly passed the test on a new sub-niche!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Graveyard Shift!


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