Absence is a #PointAndClick #Mystery #HalloweenGame by #SelfDefiant! #FlashGames "Absence". Ah...Halloween is just around the corner. I can already smell the crisp anticipation and the thrill of scaring oneself!

 Well, this time you may or may not be in luck. "Absence" has more of a mystery surrounding it-rather than a pure scare-tactic. Out of all horror games, Selfdefiant has mustered up, I'm afraid this one ranks at the bottom of the list.


 It was one gorgeous Autumn afternoon. Not a cloud in the sky. The ground was littered with colorful leaves of all varieties. The wind carried them toward the abandoned lodge.

 Amy and I always hung out around that lodge after school. It was sort of our ritual. We were always intrigued but too scared to wander in that dark and foreboding old school building.

 Many have sworn the place was haunted! Some have even claimed to see a ghost. Others reported seeing a misty cloud hovering through the corridors. Whatever is in there, I double-dared Amy to go in by herself. O...If only I had not taunt her. Sigh...

 Well today, Amy texted me to meet her over at the creepy lodge after school. She wanted me to be an accomplice in case something happened. And indeed, it did!

 When I arrived, I saw no trace of her except a well-worn attractive pink nap-sack and two canvas sneakers tied to the bag. My heart nearly skipped a beat when I discovered the door burst open. "Amy must've gone in without me. But why barefoot"?! Suddenly, a black mist enveloped me with a voice calling out within.

 The rest of the tale depends on you. Apparently, this ghost won't let Amy(nor I) escape unless you and I do what it wants. Navigate the perimeters of this old school house with your mouse and search for the 4 sacred stones this phantom begs for. Collect items to help accomplish your journey.

Hopefully, this specter's intentions are well-meaning and not deceptive(but don't count on it).

Absence Game Review

 Navigation is very simple and straight-forward. Just point your cursor near a door(or the end of a corridor) and a handy click will appear(sure beats pixel-hunting). The music is fairly suspenseful and appropriate. The graphics have been reported to have been taken from a real live location! Adding twist to the plot.

 But the game was too simplified and lacking in depth. Other than a misty-ghost imploring for 4 sacred stones, there's really no spooks to be found wandering the hallways. But otherwise, I fairly enjoyed biting into "Absence".

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

If you're stuck, here's a Walkthrough!

Now go Play Absence!


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